Where did those 2 months go?

I haven’t been flat-chat or inundated with clients.

It’s just been a nice flow of new & prior clients gliding through the office.

Broken up with installing garage door openers, gardening & renovating the lounge-room.

Now, somebody’s complained to council about cracks in my brick fence.

I think they’ve been caused by subsidence when a water main broke a few months back.

A bit of mortar and render should firm them up, and keep the old biddies at bay.



Then a few BAS’s for my Xero clients who are up-to-date over the weekend.

Who’s interested in a Brisbane/North Queensland NRL Grand Final anyway.

Gotta get back to bowls though!


Looking for new small business start-ups to do the books for.

I’m finding most Tradies ’round here don’t need Xero bookkeeping.

Just 1 1/2 – 2 hours of bank statement to excel spreadsheet breakup does the full year accounts.

With my $50/hr Excel fee plus $180 Sole Trader Business Tax Return costing them under $300.

That’s less than a days wages and not a bad deal!


Let’s see what Malcolm Turnbull can do “for” our country.

More than Trump with the US we’d hope.


Only 12 weeks to Christmas!