About Johnny Mac

Johnny Mac

At 19 I was a runner for a chartered accountants office in Pitt St. Learned Sydney by foot.

20-24 as debtors clerk @ Mazda NSW. Franchisors can stop supply on overdue accounts.

25-26 as creditors clerk @ Neville Ford. Car dealerships employ used car salesmen. Don’t!

26 Backpacked around Europe via Eurail & Youth Hostels. Ended up in Israel by mistake.

27-35 as accounts payable clerk, assistant accountant & financial accountant @ Envelope Manufacturers (Division of North Broken Hill bought by Amcor) – these were my “whiz-kid” years. I learned “heaps” in those 8 years on in-house computer systems. Went back to TAFE for an Advanced Management certificate and left the company. My Bad!

36-40 My mid-life crisis. Gym junkie, pizza delivery guy, Centacom temp. First attempt at self-employment. Failed abysmally! Don’t deliver pizzas in a Celica and get booked for speeding 3 times in 6 months. Celica gone!

40-41 Did 2 years as a Subbie – Sydney courier @ Snap Express in a new Corolla. Enjoyed it immensely, but the heavy lifting combined with 32 years of winter soccer gave my right hip osteoarthritis. Good job I upped my income protection insurance, but only a 2 year policy.

42-44 I wallowed in pain unable to move much, let alone work. Cared for my father while he died of cancer in Sussex Inlet. Returned to Caringbah a “shattered man”. Then the insurance money ran out. I had to get my act together!

44-46 Did H&R Blocks income tax course early 2004. Worked 4 months tax season that year and 5 weeks in 2005. Newstart kept me fed (Dad paid out the unit loan).

46-49 I prepared tax returns for TaxTips (Bondi Junction) (Hurstville) & (Kogarah) during tax season – it withered from 4 months to 2 days a week to 11 weeks to 5 weeks until I finally said “I’ll never work for TaxTips again”.

49-51 I worked as a MYOB bookkeeper & tax preparer @ 3D Accounting (Stanwell Park). But riding to Narellan  & Surry Hills on the Vespa eventually got to me. It was only 2 days work a week anyway and I was told by sports doctors & mates I’d know when my hip needed doing.

51-53 Christmas 2010 I had my right hip replaced. September 2012, after 2 femur breaks, I had it “revised” – that’s medical speak for re-done. 2 years of 4 hourly endone is a blur! Again, I had to get my act together! So, I looked to leave Sydney – never to return. Except for family gatherings and client tax returns. I chose Forster – Mid North Coast – Avg. 24C⛅

53-60 I’ve been in Forster over 6 years now and think I’ve accomplished a few things:

Arranged signage for the front yard and my car – thanks Matt @ M&M

Johnny Mac's Signs July 2013

Johnny Mac's Car


Radio Adverts
Organised a few radio ads on Great Lakes FM – thanks Andrew, Rangi & Graeme…


Magazine Adverts
Got my head in magazines and on TV screens in a few Forster clubs – thanks Eddie, Allan, Fay & Chrissy…


Oh, and a bit of bookkeeping and a few tax returns too… Let’s see what happens next!